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Fleet is the first motorbike rental marketplace where you can easily book a motorbike you want to enjoy the good life in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Whether you’re flying in for vacation or need a long-term ride for months at a time, take your pick at a fleet of modern motorbikes, that are professionally maintained for optimal performance. So put your bags down or settle into Chiang Mai with a stress-free motorbike rental experience.

Fleet by the facts

Discover the best motorbike rental in Chiang Mai.

Up to 30,000 baht

in liability insurance for licensed riders in Chiang Mai.

5+ quality motorbike types

maintained and inspected before every trip.

150 baht refundable gas deposit

enjoy a full tank and fill it up before you drop it off.

200 baht delivery in Chiang Mai

up to 3 km from city centre plus 150 baht per extra km.

Up to 28,800 baht/year

potential earnings for Fleet investors.

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Get to know the people here to help you have a wonderful experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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