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Become an investor and command a fleet of motorbikes in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Discover the future of motorbike rentals

Get a Motorbike Fungible Token (MFT) and earn an average of 28,800 baht per year with Fleet, the world’s first motorbike token marketplace.

How your investment works

Apply online

To become a Fleet investor, click here to fill out an application form.

Get approved

Applications are reviewed by real people to determine your eligibility to become a Fleet Investor. We expect all investors to have business knowledge and an understanding of risk when it comes to investing.


After you're approved, you'll get access to our marketplace of Motorbike Fungible Tokens (MFTs). These MFTs represent a share of the motorbikes you own with Fleet.

Waiting list

All investors will join a waiting list for the next available motorbike. Tokens will be issued based on the supply and demand of new and used motorbikes in Thailand.

Enjoy ROI

As a Fleet investor, you get 70% of all rental income generated by your MFT. You can exit at any time by reselling your MFT on the motorbike marketplace.


Stable, steady returns

Motorbike rentals in Thailand offer a stable marketplace for investors with predictable returns based on seasonal trends and demand.


Ready to invest?

Join the world’s first motorbike token marketplace and become the owner of an MFT from Thailand.


About Investing with Fleet CNX

Motorbike Fungible Tokens are issued to investors, granting them a share of ownership over motorbikes that are owned and maintained by Fleet CNX. 

By Thai law, it can be difficult for you to own a motorbike in your own name and even more challenging to start a business in Thailand. With Fleet CNX, we handle all the registration and ongoing maintenance of motorbikes while allowing you to tap into the motorbike rental industry. 

Now you easily - and safely - make an investment in Thailand and enjoy predictable returns with Motorbike Tangible Tokens.

As a Fleet Investor, you have access to a marketplace of available motorbikes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We only purchase new or used (under 8,000 KM) motorbikes, meaning, prices will vary based on the current market’s supply and demand.

For new motorbikes, waitlists range from 1 to 6+ months. This delay is often due to manufacturers struggling to keep up with the demand for new and popular motorbikes in Thailand.

In contrast, we keep a close eye on the used motorbike marketplace in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our local partners help us to secure ownership of quality motorbikes and we only purchase newer models with less than 10,000 kms. 

This means the initial cost of your investment will vary based on availability in the motorbike marketplace in Thailand. However, the average used motorbike typically costs between 60,000 Baht to 90,0000 Baht.

You get 70% commission on all motorbike rental income from your MFT at Fleet CNX. 

Here’s a breakdown of potential earnings for a Yamaha Aerox: 


Type 1


1 month

4,800 Baht * 1 

Approx.: €130 | US$140

3,360 Baht

Approx.: €91 | US$98

Month 2


17 days

400 Baht * 17 

= 6,800 Baht

Approx.: €184 | US$198

4,760 Baht

Approx.: €127 | US$138

In the examples above, Month 1 shows your potential earnings when the Yamaha Aerox is rented monthly. Month 2 shows your potential earnings when the Yamaha Aerox is rented daily. 

For more information on your ROI as a Fleet Investor, check out the Bikeculator.

Fleet makes it so convenient to rent a motorbike in Chiang Mai. I love that I can pay online and avoid that damn 220 baht ATM fee.

MFTs are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. We provide a fair and transparent marketplace for Fleet Investors. At any time, you can put in a request to invest in an MFT - however - you may be added to a waitlist based on market availability and other investors requesting the same MFT. 

We’re currently developing a secondary marketplace for MFT owners to sell their MFT to potential investors. To learn more about Fleet’s development and MFT system, subscribe to our newsletter.

Absolutely! You have unlimited access to your motorbike investment for trips and vacations. 

For full ownership of the motorbike, you can also request a transfer out or request a buyout at marketplace value. Additional fees may be included for brokerage and transfer of ownership.

Captain your own fleet of motorbikes.